Ensure Your Car’s Safety With Roll Up Garage Doors

Roll up garage doors are a great way to make sure that your vehicles are safe and they do not have to face the brunt of any harsh weather conditions. They can be used for residential as well as commercial buildings as they can be built in varied sizes and patterns.  Garage roll up doors are perfect for a 1 or 2 car garage door.

Conventionally speaking, there are two different types of the roll up garage door:
• The first kind of garage roll up doors look very similar to steel curtains and they roll up in the shape of a cylinder when the door is lifted.
• The second one comprises of hinged plates that roll up towards the ceiling track.

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A garage roll up doors is usually made of sturdy aluminium, as it is water resistant and is able to withstand severe weather changes. There are roll up doors made of fibreglass, wood and steel as well, but aluminium based doors have a clear monopoly. Being very strong, aluminium doors are difficult to break as well and, therefore, they offer maximum security. Many people use these special doors as decorative accessories for their outhouses and garden areas as well.

Residential roller garage doors are extremely popular and widely preferred as these are quite affordable and the installation procedure is simple. However, you should hire professionals to get these doors installed the right way. Even though the installation of these residential roll up doors just requires a bit of fixing and nailing and does not take more than 30 minutes, a professional would be able to give you the best results.

The panel model for roll up doors is generally used for residential purposes. It is a bit complicated to install these kinds of doors as they are made up of 5 or 6 panels that are hinged together. The doors when lifted have to go to the sides, the back and the ceiling of the garage; hence fixing the door is a cumbersome process that requires great precision.

The aluminium doors are a bit costlier as compared to the ones made of wood or fibreglass but since these are water resistant, less prone to dents and quite durable, the expenditure is worth the deal. Some of the renowned brands that offer good quality roll up garage doors are Clopay (prices of doors range from $600 to $ 1500), Lowe’s (will cost you as less as $250) and Home Depot (a neat range of $ 225 to $450).

An important fact worth considering is that though garage doors offer great security and protect any unwanted entry to the house, to ensure that they do not lead to any hazardous situations, it is mandatory to give them timely maintenance.